Learning how to eat intuitively

Lauren Loo intuitive eatingThey’re the kind of people you’d love to hate. It’s seemingly impossible for them to put on weight. They have “fast metabolisms.” They eat whatever they want. And a lot of it.

The Froo (my husband) and his family members are these people. I have sat down to meals where my petite mother-in-law ate twice as much as I did. (I’m 5’10”.) The Froo himself will tear through a fried sandwich with ham, egg, double cheese and mayonnaise like there’s no tomorrow. (Don’t tell the diet police.) And I have chowed down on donuts with his model-thin sister on free Krispy Kreme day.

So what gives?


My husband and his family are intuitive eaters. They’re in tune with what their bodies need and what they don’t. A few hallmarks of eating intuitively I’ve noticed around them include:

  • Varying your meals each day. Cramming that whole plate of pasta into your mouth because it’s what you ate yesterday isn’t going to do your abs any favors. Your metabolism changes depending upon what your activities are, and you might need more or less fuel.
  • Eating healthier food. People who have a diet high in fruits, vegetables and lean meats process more fiber, and have an easier time determining they’re full.
  • Consuming more slowly. Even at his hungriest, my husband could beat me in a slow-eating contest any day. Experts say it takes 20 minutes to experience satiety or fullness, so give yourself the time you need.

What other characteristics have you noticed around mindful eaters? What aspect of intuitive eating seems the most challenging?

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– Lauren Loo

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2 Responses to Learning how to eat intuitively

  1. I find that I am far less hungry when I cut out carbs, sugar and processed foods. I don’t have the insulin and blood sugar spikes that make me really hungry. Then I eat till I am full.

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